Creator of French


High-quality materials for truly distinctive homes

Top-grade construction materials

Noème selects resources recognised for their sustainability and performance: wood, natural stone, slate, plant-based insulation, etc.

Refined aesthetics to curate the perfect home

From traditional to ultra-modern, we offer a range of materials to personalise your home, uplift your interiors and elevate communal spaces.

Exceptional properties in prestigious locations

Development projects throughout France

Whether in the mountains or on the coast, in city centres or in rural settings, Noème’s projects are set in environments that are sought after for their unique character.

Celebrating the heritage of French territories

With each project, Noème seeks to preserve the beauty of the sites and their surroundings, highlight local history and know-how, and celebrate regional architecture and resources.

Craftspeople and architects committed to your vision

A dedicated team, from design to delivery

As a property developer, Noème is the true mastermind of each project, ensuring the delivery of exceptional properties to match your expectations. For every new development, Noème carefully assembles a team of renowned, seasoned architects and contractors.

Skilled craftspeople handpicked for top-value properties

Noème brings together France’s leading construction experts. Our extensive network select craftspeople are committed to the highest standards, delivering stunning and unique finishes.







30 years of expertise in property development

Noème’s unmatched service is supported by the dedication of P2i, a property development expert with over 30 years of experience. Ours is a time-tested approach with proven successful outcomes, operating in line with business ethics, French tax laws and land planning and construction regulations.

Make this project your own with our high-end design services

Noème lets you personalise your future home with support from our team of space planners, interior designers and landscape designers, each rigorously selected to assist you.

This tailored bespoke design service will ensure you get the property of your dreams.


French lifestyle at the core of our properties

Real estate with inspiring designs

We are globally renowned and admired for our focus on lifestyle. Spanning a range of specialties, from food and wine to art, fashion, fragrances, jewellery, etc., it attracts a clientele aspiring to experience the full breadth of French excellence.

Characterful homes

Our attention to lifestyle is also expressed through curated interiors, exquisite gardens, stunning architecture and beautiful stonework. Noème offers a range of unique and high-end properties that subtly, yet passionately, celebrate French exclusivity.